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By working collaboratively with our customers, we continue to acquire a depth of knowledge concerning the markets and challenges of our customers across the world. This has allowed us to develop the expertise in how to best transform their channel and alliance partnerships into a source of significant competitive advantage. We are committed to staying relevant for our customers and are taking bold steps to empower their growth. So it is with great pride that we announce that Channel Enablers, through the Miller Heiman group, is now part of Miller Heiman Group.

Miller Heiman Group brings together five powerhouse companies with long history and great reputation of unwavering commitment to customers’ success. Together with Miller Heiman, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite and Impact Learning Systems, we now have unmatched capability to provide our customers with expanded solution portfolios, complementary assets and geographic coverage to allow for even broader worldwide implementations. Miller Heiman Group now provides all of the key components of a multi-dimensional and interdependent sales system. Our approach and expanded capabilities support a holistic view of customer management excellence, throughout the customer lifecycle and across the sales enterprise – allowing you to connect with your customer more effectively than ever.


Channel Enablers will continue to be the leading global provider of training, development and consulting services for channel sales teams and sales organizations that choose to grow revenue through indirect sales channels. Now with our joint expertise in the area of sales operations, channel sales, customer service, and human resources, we are able to offer a full solution suite that combines powerful, proven methodologies that strengthen all sales-related functions of the organization. The ultimate goal is to help our customers drive profitable, predictable top-line growth.

Our broadened capabilities will significantly benefit sales leaders, sales professionals, their organizations and their customers. We invite you to tap the full value of our synergies. Call us today to take your organization to the next level.