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What we do

Optimize multi-channel routes to market

A well-planned and executed way to take products to market is the foundation of any successful technology company. Choice and successful management of channels to market is critical - while some vendors should choose 100 percent direct or indirect distribution most vendors today are looking to a hybrid model to deliver greater success.  Understanding and managing the potential conflicts, compromises and opportunities involved in optimizing sales through chosen routes requires time and careful thought.

Channel Enablers is skilled at assisting technology vendors to plan and manage each sales channel - to obtain the right mix and achieve more sales at the lowest cost.

Channel Pro Methodology

Delivering results to our clients

All Channel Enablers’ projects help clients to improve their channel and alliance results in one of the following three areas:

Unique solutions based on proven frameworks

The solution that provides the best result will be determined by a wide range of factors. No two organizations ever face exactly the same issues, so what works for one vendor or even one product line is unlikely to automatically work for another.

We listen to our clients to understand their unique needs and draw upon our broad base of global experience and a proven solutions framework to help them find the best practical solutions to specific issues and opportunities.