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Channel Matters Blog > February 2012 > Miller Heiman launches Research Institute

Miller Heiman launches Research Institute

by Philip Moon
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Miller Heiman Research Institute to provide research-based intelligence to sales leaders in complex sales environments

This month Miller Heiman announced the launch of the Miller Heiman Research Institute, which will expand and extend the company's core research. Joe Galvin, a renowned business-to-business sales analyst and acknowledged industry thought leader, was recently named the Miller Heiman Research Institute's chief research officer.

Miller Heiman has been undertaking the world’s largest on-going study of sales best practices since 2003. As a result of this formal research initiative and day-to-day business relationships with sales leaders and sales professionals, the company is able to continually validate and refine its sales effectiveness solutions and ensure their application in today’s selling environment. With a strong focus on the customer, Miller Heiman sales processes are known to be responsible for winning more business throughout the world than any other sales model.

“For the past nine years, the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study has endeavored to better understand what is working today and what sales organizations need to do to sustain their success,” says Sam Reese, Miller Heiman’s chief executive officer.  “Through the research institute, we will now be able to provide sales leaders concierge access to the Miller Heiman research, while providing thought-provoking analysis, customized data and compelling insight into the complex issues, best practices, comparative data and leading edge innovations that world-class sales organizations can leverage and exploit to outperform their competitors,” Reese continues.

As sales leaders search for answers to the challenges they face and opportunities they seek to capitalize, the more difficult task is in finding credible sources of information to make informed business decisions. “Strategic analysis and decision making has never been more volatile or complex for sales leaders,” says Galvin. “At the Miller Heiman Research Institute, we will continuously research, measure and analyze the best practices, innovations and emerging trends to provide our clients with on-demand access to the most compelling and relevant research they require to make the tough decisions success demands,” added Galvin, who will lead and direct the institute’s research agenda. 

For more information on the Miller Heiman Research Institute and its offerings, visit


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