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Channel Matters Blog > January 2012 > Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

by William Vanderbilt
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As we enter a new year, many channel managers and sales people are thinking about the new quota that they have received. Regardless of how last year went, 2012 is probably going to require some hard work and new ways of doing things to achieve a new level of sales success. How in the world will you achieve that number? One thing is for certain, some new tactics and approaches are going to be necessary for 2012 to be a success!

Businesses and the people in them must constantly evolve. Stagnant companies and employees may succeed for a while, but eventually, new ideas and competitors will take away market share. For business people, including channel managers, it means that continuous learning is critical. This is not new information, but most channel managers have not really ever stopped to ask, "How can I improve my skills, knowledge and processes as a channel manager?" Many channel managers have not really ever been trained as a channel manager. Many people have just found themselves in the role of channel manager without being told or educated specifically on such a role.

Slowly, the industry is coming to accept that channel managers require a unique set of skills. The industry is recognizing the profession of channel manager and is starting to put the best people in those roles. Channel managers that have been doing what they do for many years need to challenge the old ways and start to explore what changes they can make to succeed in the new environment. That doesn't always mean that wholesale changes are needed. Often, channel managers can make some small adjustment to how they do business which can make all the difference in achieving the New Year’s increased quota. What is certain is that the same ways of doing things will produce the same results they did in 2011.

So as the New Year begins ask yourself, "What changes do I need to make in how I manage channels? What new knowledge, skills and processes do I need to be the most successful channel manager? How will I make these changes and gain this new information before the crazy activity of every day work leaves me no time to make changes?"



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