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Channel Matters Blog > June 2011 > Cloud Based Learning

Cloud Based Learning

by William Vanderbilt
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The concept of Cloud Computing can be applied to how we learn.  You might even call it Cloud Based Learning!  Just like Cloud Computing gives us the ability to leverage computing power from a larger mass on an as needed basis, we have access to learning, education and training materials that are available on demand and are scalable as we have need.  Business leaders understand this concept and in their effort to continuously grow and develop, they constantly tap into cloud based learning.

More than ever, we can learn from each other and gain access to skills, experience, knowledge and competency when and where we need it.  Social networking, virtual learning environments, eLearning, the ubiquitous Internet and a myriad of "always on" connection points give us the ability to grow, develop and improve ourselves at all times.  It is the age of continuous learning and the resources at our dispoal make that possible.

The challenge is that self-improvement/learning is an important task that is not always urgent.  Leaders make self development and learning an urgent task.  They use the Learning Cloud to continuously improve themselves.  They learn from others and take every opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their experiences.  And the best part, is that so much of the Learning Cloud is available without a significant charge.  The real cost is time.  To effectively use the resources of the Learning Cloud, a person must highly prioritize self development and learning. The resources are out there for anyone that is willing to spend the time required to develop and grow.

If you don't enhance your knowledge, skills and experience, will you be able to achieve higher quotas by doing what you have always done in the way you have always done it?  Will some of your peers use the Learning Cloud?  What will that do to their ability to succeed?  What impact will that have on you?

It is important to handle today's fires.  But if a person fails to take advantage of the Learning Cloud to develop, there is a good chance that the same fires will burn in the future.

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