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Channel Matters Blog > March 2012 > Channel Strategy In A Low Margin World

Channel Strategy In A Low Margin World

by Global Administrator
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Gaining and growing the market share in today’s IT & T world depends on the vendors ability to design, execute and measure a channel strategy that is differentiated in every way from its competitors to attract the attention of the best partners and cause them to invest a disproportionate amount of their resources to the vendor who can align their objectives with the business drivers and measure of top performing partners.

In order to achieve this difficult  task, vendors need to have an effective channel methodology which lays out the key performance areas they must address and measure; a clear understanding of how partners make money, and a rigorous planning process between the partner and vendor to act as a roadmap to the mutual investments both must make to achieve their stated goals and to ensure the appropriate allocation of resources from both parties (especially from the partners!).

As the industry experts in the arena of channel strategy, Channel Enablers recognises the importance of achieving differentiation in one’s channel strategy and has worked with the world’s largest vendors to achieve this.

During this briefing, we answered the following questions, and more.

  • Why are partner margins declining and what can be done about this market reality? 
  • What does ‚economic normalisation? mean and how is it affecting the IT & T industry? 
  • Which partners in the industry are affected and why? 
  • How do partners make money and can vendors align their strategy accordingly? 
  • How do partners make investment decisions in the face of competing vendor investment options?

Target Audiance

All Partnering Professionals (channel or alliance sales and marketing, business development managers, high-tech executives, and all interested parties.)


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A more detailed article is also available in our Best Practices section. Refer to the article titled 'Thriving in a low margin world

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