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Channel Matters Blog > March 2012 > Driving quarter-end business through the channel

Driving quarter-end business through the channel

by Global Administrator
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Have you recently experienced:

  • a significant shortfall in your end of quarter channel sales forecast commit?
  • partners holding out for a better deal at quarter end?
  • complaints from your sales teams that your Channel Partners don’t have the same sense of urgency that they do at quarter end?
  • channel Partners commit to close a deal by quarter end, but it slips to next quarter?

What ways have you tried to fix these problems? Do you:

  • send your sales people out to close Partner led deals - therefore increasing your sales operating costs?
  • offer big discount “special” prices to help Partners to close business - which reduces your sales margin and increases theirs?
  • throw quarter end incentives at your Partners, training them to wait for the best incentives before they close sales?
  • have your Channel Managers micro-manage all large Partner led opportunities - turning them into transaction managers and leaving no time to focus on increased channel capacity or better partner enablement?

In “Driving quarter-end business through the channel” we discussed what can be done to influence the timing of channel revenue within a quarter. How do you smooth the revenue curve within a quarter and move channel revenue out of the last week?

We also looked at these four questions in a little more detail, one by one, to discuss what can be done.

  • Are there characteristics of your products that create seasonality variations?
  • What factors influence how and when your products are bought? Are these contributing to the ‘hockey stick’ effect?
  • What Vendor behaviors and Programs drive undesirable Partner behaviors? Are partners driven to wait till quarter end or worse – to let opportunities slip?
  • Do your Channel Partners behave in a way that exacerbates quarter end problems? What can you do about this?

Target Audiance
All Partnering Professionals (channel or alliance sales and marketing, business development managers, high-tech executives, and all interested parties) especially those responsible for the channel sales target.


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