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Channel Matters Blog > March 2012 > The Channel Adds No Value

The Channel Adds No Value

by Global Administrator
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Target Audiance
All Partnering Professionals (channel or alliance sales and marketing, business development managers, high-tech executives, and all interested parties) especially those responsible for the channel sales target in companies that sell both direct and indirect. Bring your team and participate in an informed discussion of industry best practice!

Are any of these issues present in your organization?

  • A professional services group that your partners regard as their competitor?
  • A direct sales force that doesn’t know how to work with the channel – and may even compete with your partners?
  • Are your partners unable or unwilling to do the things you need them to do?
  • Do your people feel they are doing all the work – and your partners just take orders?
  • Do your customers complain about your partners?
  • Are you losing share of your partners’ business focus?

How have you tried to fix these problems? Have you:

  • Sent your sales people out to close Partner led deals - therefore increasing your sales operating costs?
  • Reserved a long list of accounts for your direct sales people – so they don’t have to work with partners at all?
  • Offered more training to partners – which they don’t take advantage of?
  • Tried to confine partners to certain markets or accounts – but they don’t stay focused there?
  • Threatened them with reduced margins or rebates – and find them switching to your competitors?
  • Only worked with the partners that your sales people like?



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