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Channel Matters Blog > March 2013 > New Advanced Program - Leading Trusted Partnerships

New Advanced Program - Leading Trusted Partnerships

by Philip Moon
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Channel Enablers is proud to announce the launch of a new advanced training program for mature channel sales people who lead and manage key partnerships to achieve mutual revenue growth by working with and through other people.

Almost a month ago now a blogger named Jenny from the UK asked a simple question on one of the LinkedIn groups focused on all things channel. Jenny asked "If you could name one thing...what in your opinion makes a great Channel Manager?"

Jenny – thanks for asking this question! It has provoked a lot of responses from people all around the world, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the responses you received; all the more so as we neared the end of a long development cycle to finalize our new advanced training program for mature channel sales people.

Jenny the comments you received really validate Channel Enablers channel sales skills professional development curriculum and provide the perfect introduction to our new advanced program - Leading Trusted Partnerships.

The words and concepts that leapt out at me from the responses to the LinkedIn thread include:
  • Trust
  • Understanding, listening to and analyzing the partners business needs
  • Planning around mutually aligned goals
  • Leading teams
  • Skills to work effectively with different kinds of people
  • Understanding how partners make money
  • Being a coach and mentor
  • Relationships
The LinkedIn group reveals there is not just one-thing that makes a great channel manager, it also reveals the importance of factors like Trust and Leadership in the role of the skilled channel manager.

Leading Trusted Partnerships (LPT) is an advanced 2-day instructor led channel sales and management skill development workshop for channel sales people who have successfully completed Influencing Partnership OutcomesSM (IPO)

Building teamwork and trust are fundamental strategies for driving partner investment, efficacy and revenue; independent research shows that reseller partners with a high degree of trust in their vendor / manufacturer contribute 78% more revenue than partners with a lower level of trust.

The first day of the course focuses on the senior channel sales leader; their personal style and effectiveness and interpersonal skills in their channel sales role.
Participants learn to:
  • Identify behaviors that build and maintain a high degree of trust with partners
  • Build more effective relationships and influence different kinds of people
  • Assert to partners – to ensure partnership needs are met while building/maintaining the partnering relationship
Day two of the course is focused on the senior channel sales person as the creator, leader and manager of partnership teams.
Participants learn to:
  • Identify the attributes of effective partner leadership and management behavior
    • Synergy, Team formation, Teamwork, Effecting change
  • Execute key partner leadership and management skills
    • Apply 'critique' processes to run more effective and productive meetings
    • Apply teamwork assessment tools as an aid to rapid partnership team formation
    • Communicate important change so that it is accepted and adopted by partners
    • Build partner confidence in their ability to succeed and set goals for higher performance
    • Apply teamwork skills and processes in complex planning and problem solving situations
Channel Management and leadership is a complex role that takes some years to master. All Channel Managers need core skills, such as the ability to determine partner coverage requirements, to influence partners and understand how they make money – and the more advanced Channel Managers who lead and manage complex team-based partnerships need the virtual sales management skills required to establish partnership teams, coach partners to improve their success and establish a relationship of trust between their organizations.

LTP is classified as an 'Advanced Program' in the Channel Enablers curriculum.
LTP will help cement the knowledge and skills required to:
  • Significantly improve a Channel sales person's communications and influence style – leading to deeper, more resilient business to business relationships, closer alignment and joint focus. Build partnerships within which:
    • Partners meet the commitments they make to each other – leading to higher levels of channel sales productivity
    • Partners are more responsive to change and new opportunities – speeding up time to market and bringing forward return on investment
    • The partners strive together to satisfy end-customers – leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and preference
  • Focus channel sales people on developing and enabling their partners rather than serving them. Establish trusted and equitable business relationships based on win-win outcomes and mutual respect and understanding.

For more information on LTP or any other Channel Enablers channel sales program please visit our Training and Development overview, read the LTP Course Overview or contact us at

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