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by Jan de Leon
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Cross-channel conflict is the bane of many sales leaders. But is conflict between channel partners and territory managers really inevitable? Eliminate these five common causes of channel conflict and restore harmony in your organization.
by Rich Blakeman
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In recent posts, I’ve been taking you through the stages of developing relationships between channel partners and territory managers (TMs). So far, we’ve covered two stages:
How to Sell a Partner to a Territory Manager covered the vital first step of convincing the TM that collaborating with channel partners is a good idea. 
Relationship Mapping Explained took a closer look at an important planning tool that can help the TM identify where channel partners add the most value.
Both of these posts took a logical approach to collaboration between channel partners and TMs.  But as we all know, there is an art to making these relationships work.
by William Vanderbilt
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My son invented a card game called "Yippy Skippy".  I really don't like playing it because every time I think I understand what is happening, my son tells me, "Oh there is something I forgot to tell you!"  Of course, it always seems that he remembers to tell me about a new rule just when it is most inconvenient for me!  I wonder how many times channel partners feel like they are playing Yippy Skippy with their vendors!