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Channel Matters Blog > October 2012 > Miller Heiman sales best practices study

Miller Heiman sales best practices study

by Global Administrator
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Where do you expect your business growth to come from in 2013? How will you enable the initiatives to support these expectations? Compare your expectations with executives from around the world in the 10th annual Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study.

As the largest annual study of complex, business-to-business selling in the world, this study is uniquely suited to support decision-making in this specific area of sales. This study will include input from thousands of professionals around the world to provide answers to these questions and many others. Join the study to receive priority access to thought leadership outcomes.

Over the past 10 years of this study, Miller Heiman has identified more than 50 best practices of World-Class Sales Organizations from around the world. For companies that are competing in complex, business-to-business selling situations, these are insights you want to have at your fingertips to leverage throughout the year.

study-comments2Join this study and receive immediate and ongoing benefits:

  • An executive summary of the 9th annual Miller Heiman Sales Best Practices Study
  • An executive summary of the results of the 10th annual study as soon as it is published
  • Priority access to thought leadership materials that are developed from this study as they become available over the next several months
  • Additional sales performance and productivity insights from the Miller Heiman Research Institute


As a study participant, you will have priority access to the thought leadership materials that have been developed from this study and will continue to have access to new insights as they come available over the next several months.

We look forward to being able to continue to deliver these valuable insights to you to support your efforts in achieving world-class sales performance.


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