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Channel Matters Blog > October 2013 > Developing the Best

Developing the Best

by Geoff Wright
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However, once a CAM masters the fundamentals, what’s next?  If we are to continue the development of the experienced CAM, we need to focus on those things that move them into the high-performing category—the best of the best.  

I love these discussions because it tells me the organization is serious about developing their partner channel and their channel managers. It’s also a great discussion because it has an easy answer.

There are two interconnected skills that turn a competent CAM into a high performer.

1.    Coaching skills
2.    Acting as a virtual sales manager

High-performing CAMs don’t give advice to partners, make decisions for them or take the role of new business facilitator. Instead, they coach the partners to become self-sufficient.  

The ability to coach performance in others rather than be the central point driving that performance is important one. The CAM needs to move from selling, facilitating partners and administrative activities to a strategic focus on coaching and leading partners to success. We have been delivering our workshop, Coaching Partners to Results, for a number of years, and it successfully takes the concept of coaching and applies it to the real world of managing channel partners.  

Being able to approach their role as a virtual sales manager also positions the senior CAM above the rest of the pack. Although they may not have any direct reports according to the organizational chart, CAMs can become virtual sales managers.  Their territory is their business, internal resources such as channel enablement are their business partners and the channel partners are their sales and delivery team.

As leaders of high performance, high growth partnerships, our senior CAMs need to build joint revenue success upon a foundation of cooperative, performance- oriented, trusting and productive relationships within and between the partnering organizations.

Our workshop Leading Trusted Partnerships gives participants the skills they need to build teams and foster trust. These are fundamental requisites for driving partner investment, efficacy and revenue. This workshop equips channel salespeople with practical leader/manager tools and processes, and builds partnership team skills through role-play and practice in real-world scenarios.
These are just two examples of the many courses that Channel Enablers offers to help you take your CAMs to the next level. If you have questions about which course is right for your team, you can reach me at

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