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Channel Matters Blog > October 2014
by Rich Blakeman
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Do your channel managers consider partner planning a waste of time? Would they rather be selling? The 2014 Channel Enablers Channel Competency Study uncovered a direct link between partner planning and productivity. However, world-class channel leaders understand that strategic partner planning needs to be driven from the top down.
by Jan de Leon
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When a channel manager leaves, it can have a big impact on the organization’s relationship with channel partners. These partners often feel like they’ve had a hand in training their channel manager or at least breaking them in. They’re understandably disappointed when they need to start all over with a new one.

by Rich Blakeman
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We just finished a whirlwind tour of the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) where we briefed clients on the results from the 2014 Channel Sales Competency Study. In these briefings, we discussed the key channel management behaviors that drive channel sales results, specifically focusing on those behaviors that respondents in APAC thought had the most potential for a positive impact on the business.