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Channel Consulting - Stimulate the thinking for breakthrough success

Text Box: Image requiredThe winning margin in most competitive events is short. Successful executives identify and focus on a small number of key areas that give them this competitive edge. 

Examples include:

  • putting the right organizational structure in place to achieve the right balance of resources between direct and channel sales
  • driving partner loyalty to improve attach rates and revenue growth
  • building a more competent channel sales force and improving critical skills among partner-facing personnel
  • achieving the right balance between company economics and channel alternatives
  • capturing a larger share of partner investments
  • effectively churning partnerships, so that unproductive relationships are terminated and new, high potential partnerships are formed
  • fast tracking new partner revenue readiness
  • speeding up product releases through the channel
  • building internal consensus around a channel oriented go-to-market strategy


Channel Enablers consultants work with long-term clients on these and other “breakthrough” initiatives.

Our clients benefit from:

  • improved channel performance
  • expanded market share
  • improved profitability


We identify and focus on the relatively few key initiatives that will differentiate our clients.
From entire product families to single product categories, in a single channel or across all channel routes, in specific countries or across the globe, we help our clients gain an economic competitive advantage.