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Channel manager development and training

Channel sales training

Channel Enablers provides a comprehensive set of training programs that help vendor Channel Managers around the world grow sales revenue through channel and alliance partners.

Channel management development programs are organized in two levels that are generally completed consecutively.

  1. Professional Programs establish the core best-practice concepts, tools and language required for success through indirect channels and develop the knowledge, skills, plans and processes required to influence and work with partners for win-win outcomes.
  2. Advanced Programs focus on building, leading, coaching and managing highly productive partnerships.

Our workshops are under development all the time. Program durations and details will change from time to time as enhancements are added, or in response to changing market needs and development requirements.

Who requires channel development programs?

Channel Manager training programs are designed for vendor staff responsible for the management and growth of sales revenue through and with channel and alliance partners. Variously called Channel Managers, Channel Sales People, Channel Account Managers, Partner Account Managers, Alliance Managers etc., here, for the sake of simplicity, these roles will all be referred to as ‘Channel Managers’.

We understand that there are often important differences between these roles and we cater for these with a customized approach for all our customers and workshops.

A tailored approach

Each Channel Enablers’ workshop includes some tailoring to reflect the vendor’s own jargon, titles, roles, and markets. In addition, fully custom courses and curricula can be created to integrate with a vendor’s existing training programs, systems and processes.

Training that gets results in the field

People need training to do their jobs, but it’s a fact that training by itself is rarely able to produce the kind of behavior change required to change business results in the field.

Each Channel Enablers’ Channel Management development program:

  • includes pre-implementation research and tailoring to aid program acceptance and address specific business issues
  • can be further supported through competency definition, gap analysis, custom modification and curriculum design, pre-and post-course assessment, mentoring and field implementation consulting services

*Class sizes are generally limited to ensure quality. Larger group sizes may be catered for using additional Channel Enablers instructors.

Channel Manager Development Programs

Professional Programs

Channel Success Essentials - CSE is a kind of ‘customized channels boot camp’ suitable for all members of a vendor’s extended channel team. CSE establishes the core concepts, language, process and channel understanding upon which organization-wide partnering success is based.
(2 days, 10-20 participants)

Influencing Partnership Outcomes- IPO helps Channel Managers understand and influence the business imperatives that drive partner behavior and investment. Role play helps develop skills and extensive participant notes provide a lasting reference.
(2 days, 10-15 participants)

Channel Sales Financials - CSF is a three part blended learning series comprising two self-paced e-learning modules and a two-day in-house practical workshop.  CSF equips vendor channel sales people to speak the ‘financial language’ of partner CEOs. When channel sales people can credibly carry on financial conversations about partner financial issues and constraints they help partners solve business problems, stimulate partner investment and build highly differentiated executive relationships built on trust and mutual respect
(2X self-paced e-learning modules plus 2 days ILT, 15–20 participants)

Effective Partner Planning – EPP guides the creation of partnership plans to focus limited resources on areas of highest business return to both parties. More than a training course, Effective Partner Planning includes a set of tools and repeatable processes for lasting use in the field.
(2 days, 15-20 participants. Also available as a blended on-line learning series)

Advanced Programs

Coaching Partners To Results - CPR is a highly acclaimed 2-day hands-on performance coaching workshop that equips vendor partner-facing people with the performance coaching skills and knowledge they need to drive productive activity with and through partners. This highly practical workshop combines the best with the best - the best understanding of how to resolve field issues and drive opportunities, with the highest level of partner commitment to execute.
(2 days, 12-18 participants)

Leading Trusted Partnerships - LTP. Leaders of high performance, high growth partnerships build joint revenue success upon a foundation of cooperative, performance- oriented, trusting and productive relationships within and between the partnering organizations. LTP is an advanced 2-day instructor led channel sales and management skill development workshop for channel sales people who have successfully completed Influencing Partnership OutcomesSM (IPO).
(2 days, 10-15 participants)