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Influencing Partnership Outcomes - IPO (2 days)

Vendors compete for the ‘mindshare’ and investment of the best partners. IPO helps channel sales people develop the skills and insight required to influence partner business imperatives and drive partner behavior towards win-win results.


Imagine being a sales manager with a large sales target to achieve but whose sales team all work for other companies! That’s the life of a channel sales person! Selling through and with partners is very different to direct sales, partners will do what they do for their own reasons – so channel sales people must be highly skilled at understanding and influencing partner imperatives and motivating partners to sell on their behalf.CLICK HERE TO VIEW AN ONLINE OVERVIEW OF THE INFLUENCING PARTNERSHIP OUTCOMES TRAINING


Do your channel sales people influence partners to make needed changes and investments?

  • Are channel managers equipped to sell the cloud business opportunity to partners, or motivate partners to establish a mid-market practice?
  • Do your partners make the investments required to take on your new products and services; do they train their sales people and proactively sell to new customers?
  • Do partners make their own marketing investments and generate their own leads or are they totally dependent on your company?
  • Can your channel sales people put a case to partners to drop competitive products and focus more resources on your business?
  • Do they persuade channel and alliance partners to work cooperatively on major sales opportunities and to openly share sales and marketing information?

Channel Enablers Influencing Partnership Outcomes program introduces the Partnering Influence Process to recruit new partners and motivate existing partners to make necessary changes and investments.

Topics include:
  • Questioning skills to uncover partner priorities and raise awareness of the need for change and investment
  • Partner decision-making processes and roles
  • The communication skills essential to building trusted business relationships
  • Gaining commitment to action
  • Strategies to manage partners at different stages of maturity and enablement  
  • Establishing executive credibility and creating interest
  • Setting partner change objectives
  • Building change and investment momentum

Workshop Content

Day One

  • Skills and behaviors of the best Channel Managers
  • What partners value – and what Channel Managers really ‘sell’
  • Changing partner behavior to drive improved business outcomes
  • Partner decision making roles and process
  • The partnering influence process
  • Approach and opening- value propositions that create interest with prospective partners and partner stakeholders
  • Investigating partners to understand partner priorities and their perception of partnership value
  • Developing trust and perceived partnership value through active listening


Day Two


  • Questioning to build partner awareness of value and of the need to change and invest
  • Investigation and value awareness role play
  • Moving partners to action
  • Choosing the right partner influence strategy for partners at different levels of maturity and enablement
  • Getting it together – 90-day personal action planning to:
    • Pursue partner change objectives
    • Apply key learning in the field


Course Benefits

The best partners are sought after by multiple vendors, and prospective channel or alliance partners will sometimes have difficulty choosing between the business propositions put forward by competing vendors. When programs and products are perceived to be similar, the Channel Sales Person’s level of skill and ‘professionalism’ may become THE point of difference between productive, revenue generating partnership, and no partnership at all.

IPO helps to establish the channel sales engagement skills and process required to:

  • Positively differentiate vendors in the minds of their current and prospective channel and alliance partners
  • Reduce the time and investment necessary to influence partners towards win-win business outcomes
  • Secure the commitments necessary to achieve revenue results
  • Build more resilient relationships at multiple organizational levels
  • Raise partner awareness of the need to change

Course Format and Media

People learn in different ways, so this workshop employs a variety of learning strategies.

  • Extensive notes, tools and guides are provided for use in the field and as an ongoing reference, covering all parts of the partnering influence process
  • Lectures and discussions relate partner influencing principles to a participant’s own situation, partners and opportunities
  • Role plays are a major part of the program and provide the opportunity to practice partner influence skills using participants’ own products, partners and channel sales situations
We believe in small group interactive sessions, so places are strictly limited to ensure quality. Ideal course sizes are between 10 and 15 participants. Larger groups can be catered for using additional Channel Enablers facilitators.