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Leading Trusted Partnerships - LPT - (2 day instructor led workshop)


Leaders of high performance, high growth partnerships build joint revenue success upon a foundation of cooperative, performance- oriented, trusting and productive relationships within and between the partnering organizations.

Leading Trusted Partnerships (LPT) is an advanced 2-day instructor led channel sales and management skill development workshop for channel sales people who have successfully completed Influencing Partnership OutcomesSM (IPO). World-class channel sales leaders achieve higher levels of success by leading and managing reseller (sell through) or alliance (sell with) partnerships using influence rather than authority. Building teamwork and trust are fundamental strategies for driving partner investment, efficacy and revenue; independent research shows that reseller partners with a high degree of trust in their vendor / manufacturer contribute 78% more revenue than partners with a lower level of trust.

LPT is for mature channel sales people who lead and manage key partnerships to achieve mutual revenue and growth targets by working with and through other people. This highly interactive and practical workshop equips channel sales people with practical leader/manager tools and processes, and builds partnership team skills through role-play and practice in real-world scenarios.

Workshop Objectives

The first day of the course focuses on the senior channel sales leader; their personal style and effectiveness and interpersonal skills in their channel sales role. Participants learn to: 

  • Identify the attributes of effective partner leadership and management behavior
    • Synergy, Team formation, Teamwork, Effecting change
  • Execute key partner leadership and management skills
    • Apply ‘critique’ processes to run more effective and productive meeting
    • Apply teamwork assessment tools as an aid to rapid partnership team formation
    • Communicate important change so that it is accepted and adopted by partners
    • Build partner confidence in their ability to succeed and set goals for higher performance
    • Apply teamwork skills and processes in complex planning and problem solving situations

Course Benefits

High-revenue and high-growth partnerships typically absorb a significant proportion of channel sales, technical and marketing resources, and may contribute a very large percentage of channel revenue, so it is important both to carefully plan the application of scare resources and also to secure significant partnerships against competitive attack or apathy. This program will help cement the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Significantly improve a Channel sales person’s communications and influence style – leading to deeper, more resilient business to business relationships, closer alignment and joint focus. Build partnerships within which:
    • Partners meet the commitments they make to each other – leading to higher levels of channel sales productivity
    • Partners are more responsive to change and new opportunities – speeding up time to market and bringing forward return on investment
    • The partners strive together to satisfy end-customers – leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and preference
  • Focus channel salespeople on developing and enabling their partners rather than serving them. Establish trusted and equitable business relationships based on win-win outcomes and mutual respect and understanding.

Workshop Format and Media

People learn in different ways, so this course employs a variety of learning strategies including team based workshop exercises, role-play and a comprehensive pre-work reading assignment test.

  • We provide extensive notes, tools and guides for use in the field and as an ongoing reference.
  • Lectures and discussions relate partner leadership and management tools, skills and processes to each participant’s own situation, partners and opportunities.
  • Role-plays are an important part of the program and provide the opportunity to practice advanced partner management skills.

Successful completion of Influencing Partnership OutcomesSM is a pre-requisite for this workshop; it establishes the foundation of partner questioning, listening and influence skills that more advanced leading and managing skills are built upon. LPT begins with a review of how IPO key learning has been applied in the field to achieve key partner change and investment, and discussion of how any execution issues and obstacles are overcome.

We believe in small group interactive sessions, so places are strictly limited to ensure quality. Ideal course sizes are between 10 and 15 participants. Larger groups can be catered for using additional Channel Enablers facilitators.