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Executive Alignment Workshop – EAW (1 day)

Executive Alignment Workshop – EAW is a combination executive training session and facilitated workshop that quickly brings diverse executive teams into alignment around agreed channel success priorities

In a fast paced one day session executives from all relevant departments come together to assess their organization’s most significant channel program and practice gaps against industry best practices, consider relevant trends, identify current partnering issues and obstacles, and reach consensus on a focus set of strategic initiatives and actions.

Course Content

Morning session

  • Introduction and meeting process
  • Identify key channel issues
    • Barriers to success
    • Issues with partners
    • Partner issues with your organization
  • Review industry best practices and rate the organization
    • Market coverage and focus
    • Channel ready, competitive products
    • Partner programs
    • Partner selection and recruitment
    • Channel enablement

Afternoon session

  • Best practice ranking continued
    • Sales productivity
    • Internal alignment
  • A look ahead – changes and trends
  • Workshop
    • strategic development priorities
    • Issue selection and definition
  • Action and critical resource planning
  • Meeting critique


Workshop Benefits

The main benefits of this fast-paced workshop were best described by the chief executive of one of our customers when he said, “I have never seen my team come together as well as this before! In a very short period of time we have agreed upon our key channel goals, our key issues and opportunities and what we need to do about them.”

Apart from the clear benefits of business focus and action planning, the Executive Alignment Workshop is also a way to educate executives from non-channel backgrounds without them feeling like they are being trained. We establish a common framework of channel concepts and language that will have lasting benefit for an executive team.

Workshop Format and Media

A brief pre-work assignment helps participants prepare their thoughts to gain the most out of the workshop. We recognise that executive time is extremely limited so pre-work is limited to under an hour; this hour is well spent as it helps us get a great deal done in a very short time frame during the workshop.

The style of work varies throughout the day to keep attention levels and interest as high as possible. Participants sometimes work as a single large group and, at other times, in groups of two or three.

Venue and equipment are important to the success of the workshop. We provide detailed instructions on the way seating is arranged, the size of room needed, and the other equipment and consumables used in the workshop. Typically, a large boardroom-style meeting room is appropriate.

Executive team sizes vary trememndously. We can cater for groups of between five and fifteen participants. Even larger groups can be catered for with additional Channel Enablers facilitators.

Interested in our Executive Alignment Workshop

Speak to a Channels Performance Consultant, call Rich Blakeman on:+1.303.991.2367 (Ext 111), or visit our contact page for information on an office in your area.