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Distance learning programs

Channel Enablers ‘distance’ learning programs provide a way to receive high quality high-tech channel-specific training programs without concern for travel and scheduling constraints.

What is online distance learning?

Simply put, distance learning is about delivering education to students who are not physically present. Teachers and students communicate using printed or electronic media, or through conferencing systems that allow them to interact in real-time.

Channel Enablers provides two kinds of online distance learning programs

  • E-learning. Channel Enablers course names that start with a small ‘e’ – like eACL - are asynchronous e-learning programs. Asynchronous learning is when participants access course materials or information at their own pace through a web-browser on a PC equipped with Adobe Flash Player, a sound card and a broadband network connection.
  • Virtual instructor-led programs. Channel Enablers course names that start with a small ‘v’ – like vEPP - are a blend of e-learning modules and online live instructor led workshops which participants attend through an audio teleconference and a web-based meeting. Our virtual instructor-led programs are highly interactive and are well suited to discussion, collaboration and problem solving.

Watch an online overview of new Channel Enablers distance learning programs by clicking on one of the links below:


eACL – The Achieving Channel Leverage e-learning series consists of two one-hour long self-paced e-learning modules specifically created for client-facing sales people who need to collaborate with partners to achieve greater success for themselves, their end-user customers and their partners.

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eCSE – Channel Success Essentials e-learning series is an eight-part e-learning program that lays the foundation of language, process and understanding upon which channel revenue growth depends. 

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eCSF – Channel Sales Financials equips vendor channel sales people to speak the 'financial language' of partner CEOs. When channel sales people can credibly carry on financial conversations about partner financial issues and constraints they help partners solve business problems, stimulate partner investment and build highly differentiated executive relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

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eEPP – The Effective Partner Planning online series is a six-part self-paced e-learning course that guides the creation of partnership plans to focus limited resources on areas of highest business return to both parties.

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