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Training and development scope of practice

1. Channel sales training for the high tech industryExecution is the key to success for any enterprise but people can only be expected to do the jobs they know how to do. In a fast-changing business environment it is vital that people quickly and enthusiastically adopt new knowledge and skills.


Channel Enablers has trained more than 12,000 Partnering Professionals in more than 50 countries. Channel Enablers can help your organization with workforce development issues around channel management and channel sales, field sales collaboration with partners, channel leadership, teamwork and readiness.

Engage and motivate your people

Channel Enablers provides high quality channel training programs designed to engage people and motivate change, complemented by best practice management processes. We believe that breakthrough revenue results come from:

  • 2.	Improving channel sales resultsparticipation
  • reward
  • recognition
  • coaching
  • repetition and
  • process

- all working together in a supportive and encouraging culture of ongoing change.

Who will benefit?


Custom Curriculum Development

3. Channel training curriculumChannel Enablers recognizes that our customers will be at varying stages in their overall channels and alliances program development and maturity. Often this maturity will vary between business units or regions.


Channel Enablers can help design a custom curriculum to suit specific requirements or roles. Our standard channel sales  and other programs can be modified and integrated with a vendor’s existing programs and processes where these are relevant.

Custom curriculum implementation requires that:

  • the roles of the team members are defined and understood
  • role definitions reflect industry best practices, competitive benchmarking, local conditions and future direction
  • the skills, knowledge and processes required to complete each role successfully are defined and agreed with vendor management
  • compensation and assessment is aligned with the role, and with training and development objectives
  • a gap assessment is made between benchmark competencies and current development

In reality most vendors are not starting channel development programs from scratch, so the scope of Channel Enablers’ consulting activities required to properly assess these requirements will vary depending on what has already been achieved, and the degree to which existing materials meet industry best practices.

A custom curriculum should be accompanied by an ongoing process so that it can:

  • monitor the effectiveness and design of the program
  • respond to changing business needs
  • respond to an individual employee’s rate of progress according to his/her ability

Regular reinforcement and competency assessment should also be combined with further customization and development.