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Effective Partner Planning – EPP (2 days)

Effective Partner Planning guides the creation of partnership plans to focus limited resources on areas of highest business return to both parties. More than a training course, Effective Partner Planning includes a set of tools and repeatable processes for lasting use in the field.

It has been said “if you plan to do everything – nothing gets done.” Effective Partner Planning workshop is specifically designed for high tech channel professionals interested in focusing their limited resources on initiatives with the best return on investment.

Effective Partner Planning is a step-by-step approach to productive partner plans. By understanding a partner’s key growth strategies and linking these to your strengths, programs and goals, participant teams create joint revenue growth objectives built on mutual market opportunities and the partnerships combined value proposition.


Workshop Content

Effective Partner Planning is a two day workshop that that builds on the ChannelPRO™ framework of industry best practice introduced in Channel Success Essentials.

A series of lectures, table team exercises and discussions leads participants to consider:

  • The partners fit, capability and potential
  • The partnerships combined revenue growth opportunities
  • How your combined solution brings value to end-user customers
  • Partnership governance and metrics to keep the plan on track



Day one

  • The planning process
  • Keys to plan commitment
  • Profiling a partner’s business strategy
  • Understanding a partner’s target markets and solutions
  • Evaluating the partner’s skills and expertise
  • Understanding the partner’s organizational structure
  • Identifying joint partnership revenue growth objectives
  • The partnerships combined benefit / advantage

Day two

  • Non revenue objectives – closing gaps in fit, enablement and relationship
  • The 90-day plan/review cycle
  • Tactical action plans for each objective
  • Identify and secure required resources to implement the plan
  • Partnership governance, organization and rules of engagement
  • Gaining partner involvement and commitment
  • Plan quality check


Workshop Benefits

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be better equipped to engage with partners to improve sales productivity and company profitability by:

  • Understanding your partner’s growth strategy, expertise and capability
  • Evaluating your partner’s organizational structure and understanding how business decisions are made
  • Identifying the partnership’s optimum areas of focus and defining joint revenue growth objectives
  • Articulating the partnerships competitive advantage to end-user customers
  • Organizing the partnership to run smoothly and efficiently
  • Defining rules of engagement that strengthen partnership teams
  • Increasing their ability to be a “trusted business advisor” through mutual understanding of business priorities


Workshop Format and Media

Effective Partner Planning contains a set of tools and templates that can be tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Client presentations on channel strategy and programs can be integrated to form part of the planning process. More extensive integration with existing tools, training and processes can also be achieved through pre-course consulting.

A pre-workshop webinar introduces a structured partner profiling pre-work assignment to help participants prepare for a productive planning workshop. This is followed by a two-day workshop in which participants work in teams to complete workshop exercises and create plans.
A comprehensive workbook guides participants through each stage of the workshop and the planning process.

Class sizes are strictly limited to ensure quality. Maximum workshop size is twenty participants.

Effective Partner Planning training comes in two different formats:

  • This two-day instructor led workshop
  •  eEPP - a self-paced six part e-learning series